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[Plugin] Discharge your (neo)vim

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Bvim The beauty of GNU/Linux is to allow users to built their system to match their specific needs to perfection while also avoiding bloated tools supercharged with hundreds of functions when each user will use only few of them. In that sense, vim is no exception and comes pretty bear bone. You can add plugins to extend its capabilities and built it to suit your needs perfectly but by default vim also loads some plugins. That’s great to make sure everything is working for a new user but when you eventually built vim the way you like it, some plugins may not be necessary anymore. Following the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy, there is no need to overcharge your tools with pieces you don’t use. Here is a list of plugins loaded by default, you can disable them by adding this to your vim config file:

let g:loaded_plugin-name =1 # if you're using vimrc
vim.g.loaded_plugin-name = 1 # if you're using init.lua

If you’re not sure you need a plugin, I would say that there’s no risk at disabling it and see if it affects the way you use vim.

Thanks for your read. Hope it's been useful to you.

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