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[Plugin] Automatic pairing for your code: tpope/vim_endwise

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vim Tim Pope is a well-known (neo)vim plugin developer so it’s no surprise that this blog mentions another of them: tpope/vim-endwise. This plugin is a gem that brings automated completion and insertion of closing characters in your code.

╭── Simplify code completion

Manually completing code structures can be time-consuming and prone to errors. With tpope/vim-endwise, you no longer have to worry about missing closing braces, brackets, or quotes. The plugin automatically detects the context and inserts the appropriate closing character for you. This feature saves valuable time, reduces cognitive load, and helps prevent syntax errors.

But that’s not all, the beauty of tpope/vim-endwise lies in its seamless integration into your coding workflow. Once installed, it also automatically detects the file type and ensures that your code remains syntactically correct without any extra effort on your part Whether you’re defining functions, conditionals, or loops. For example, in Ruby, when you type def and hit Enter, tpope/vim-endwise will automatically append end on the next line, saving you from manually typing it each time. Similarly, if you open a quote character, it will add the closing quote for you.

╭── Language-aware support

This plugin is designed to be language-aware and supports various programming languages such as Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and more. It intelligently adapts to the specific language’s syntax rules, ensuring accurate completion. Whether you’re working on an if-else statement, a function definition, or an array declaration, tpope/vim-endwise has got you covered.

╭── Customizable configuration

It also offers extensive customization options to suit your preferences. You can define your own mappings, tweak the behavior of the plugin, or add support for additional languages not included by default. This flexibility empowers you to fine-tune tpope/vim-endwise according to your coding style, making it feel like an extension of your thought process.

╭── Learning and productivity boost

Using tpope/vim-endwise not only enhances your (neo)vim experience but also encourages good coding practices. Over time, this automated assistance becomes second nature, enabling you to focus more on problem-solving and increasing your overall productivity. Coupled with vim_ale , you will write error-free code before you realize it.

Thanks for your read. Hope it's been useful to you.

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