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[Plugin] (neo)vim plugins manager: packer

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vim When moving back to vim after few years “ignoring” it, I quickly moved to neovim and embraced the lua language which “pushed” me to use packer as my plugins manager of choice. It exists a lot of (neo)vim plugins managers with different advantages/drawbacks balance depending on your needs. While I used vim-plug back in the days, I decided to move to packer because it offers:

╭── Features I use

What I especially makes packer a no brainer for me is that:

use '*maintainer_name*/*package_name*' # to install a plugin

 require('*package_name*') # to manage dependencies

╭── Features I have tried

I’m certainly a nerd but not a git one :) I use codeberg BTW. There are a lot of git-related plugins to manage your repository(ies) with (neo)vim.

╭── More features than I need

I should probably spend some time digging into the benefits of these features but days are too short and my laziness is too big.

╭── Sharing a small trick

Adding nvim --headless -c 'PackerSync' in your .xinitrc will automatically update your plugins in the background at each boot of your machine.

Thanks for your read. Hope it's been useful to you.

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