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[Plugin] Don't be a robot, use one

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vim Do you ever find yourself typing the same thing over and over again? It can be a real drag on your productivity. Well, the SirVer/ultisnips plugin is your lifesaver.

SirVer/ultisnips is a plugin for (neo)im that lets you create custom snippets of code. You can use it to make shortcuts for frequently used code snippets, functions, or even entire blocks of code or text. That means you can spend less time typing and more time working on your content.

You can create snippets specific to the programming language you’re working in or even for a specific project. Plus, you can add dynamic placeholders that allow you to quickly navigate through your snippet and fill in the necessary information. This last piece makes this plugin a champ in its category. No need to find which part of code/text need to be adjusted to your current projet, simply jump for one dynamic placeholder to the other and replace them by the correct information.

Let me give you a couple of examples that show how ultisnips can improve your workflow:

This plugin is seriously a time-saver for anyone who is using recurrent block of code/text and don’t want to feel like a robot by the end of the day while typing the same things over and over again. On the first use, you will immediately realize how much time you can save in your day. So go ahead and give it a try, and watch your productivity soar!

Thanks for your read. Hope it's been useful to you.

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