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Underrated keybindings

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vim I am sharing here few keybindings that helped me daily.

As you know, defining a keybinding in vim is as simple as adding this line of in your vimrc or init.lua:

modemap key command # for vimrc

vim.keymap.set( 'mode', 'key', 'command') # for init.lua

# where:
# mode is n (for normal), i (for insert), v (for visual)
# key is your keypress
# command is the command to be executed by vim

╭── Take care of your eyes

Adding zz to some default commands allow the current line to be automatically placed in the middle of the screen. This greatly reduces the fatigue on the eyes and helps finding things easily.

key command action
j jzz move down one line
k kzz move up one line
n nzz jump to the next search match
N Nzz jump to the previous search match

╭── Work on your files easily

For these ones I don’t share my personal keybindings since there are no default ones.

command action
:so reload vim config on the fly
:History open a list of previously opened files
:%s//g write the replace command so you only have to
type the text to be replaced (to be used in normal/insert mode)
:s//g write the replace command so you only have to
type the text to be replaced (to be used in visual mode)

╭── Makes visual keybindings act as the delete/yank ones

There is certainly a good reason why hitting vv or V doesn’t act like dd, yy, or D and Y but that confuses me. So I’ve made this happen:

key command action
vv 0v$ select the entire line
V v$ select the end of the line

Thanks for your read. Hope it's been useful to you.

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