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Disclaimer: All posts on this blog only reflect my sole experience and all views exposed here are subjective. No tool is king and people who use some tools are not superior to others. GNU/Linux is the only OS that offers its users such variety of tools from which users can built the perfect machine for their specific needs. Even better, you can customize these tools to make them even more suitable to your needs. As a consequence, each user will have a unique combination of tools with unique configurations.

You landed here and now what?

You probably reached this page by mistake so be ready for a great experience because great things often result from mistakes :)
I’ve always loved randomly browsing a blog and discovering new ways of using my machine, learning how to refine my workflow, as well as finding nice tips and tricks. I hope to be able to offer this same feeling here.

What this blog is about?

I’m a space biologist by training and a(n) (Arch)linux user by passion so I have no technical legitimacy to judge computing tools/hardware and that’s fine. My only goal here is to share my experience as a user in the hope that it may sometimes be useful to others and feeds your curiosity.
Throughout the years, I have adopted the philosophy of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and strongly believe in the power of simplicity. As a result, my attention will be directed towards efficient tools that are both straightforward and robust. Moreover, I am a proponent of FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) and strongly value the importance of addressing contemporary web privacy concerns.

Want to stay in touch and share with me?

Mastodon is the only social media I have ever used: wwwgem@social.linux.pizza
As a dinosaur, I’m still using emails: wwwgem@disroot.org

If you’re curious: