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Luarocks and hererocks issue

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vim For quite some weeks, (neo)vim was complaining with this message: luarocks.lua:104: Failed to install hererocks

(neo)vim was still fully functional though so I just skipped this error message and used it. Now that things settled down a little bit, I had time to look into this problem and I’m writing down the fix here for anyone who would experience the same issue.

It was not easy to find resources online but the solution is quite simple:

  1. Add print(luarocks_cmd) after line 92 in ~/.local/share/nvim/site/pack/packer/start/packer.nvim/lua/packer/luarocks.lua
    This will allow errors to be printed when running the command in step 2. Useful in case it doesn’t work.
  2. In the terminal, run:
    python3 ~/.cache/nvim/packer_hererocks/hererocks.py --verbose -r latest ~/.cache/nvim/packer_hererocks/LAST_VERSION
    where LAST_VERSION is the directory of the last hererocks version

That’s it !

Thanks for your read. Hope it's been useful to you.

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